Firstly let me welcome you to the site,
The website has been around now since 1999 and i hope it has been added to favourites on many pc’s around the world.I am a sheet metal worker to trade and slave away for my North Lanarkshire employer,Maintainance & Property Care [MPC for short] in the Coatbridge area.I myself reside in Bellshill,Scotland and have enjoyed the pleasure for around 10 years now.Having played the game from the age of 5 until 40 years old i could’nt let go and had to still be involved in some way,so this is it.Going back,the most memorable playing times were spent in the eighties with Third Larark Amateurs [managed by Joe McDonald] &
The Vale of Clyde Juniors [managed by Joe McInnes ex-Thirds pro],great managers both of them.The site will be updated every evening in some way depending on whats going on and will cover all Scottish involvement in Football tournaments.
Dundee Utd

Website Aims and Ambitions

Aim >>>
The Road To Hampden is a Scottish Football website,and is run from my home with the sole purpose of promoting Scottish Football’s International,Premier & Domestic Leagues / tournaments to the Internet.

My main aim is to build the website into something to be proud of and
of interest to Football fanatics home and abroad.I am not a web designer but i will learn and hopefuly end up with a site that visitors will enjoy.
I hope that in the publishing of any storylines,no-one will be
offended by the content and or accuse the site of showing any bias
towards any team/club or Division as we will do our best to cover as
many of the issues relating to all of our fine clubs spl,sfl & Juniors.
I welcome links and help/information from all sites,Official,Non Official,large or small,as long as they are promoting our Nation’s clubs then their will always be a place for them here.If you happen to come accross any outdated stats on any of the club sections then please e-mail me and i can put them right.Your help will keep the site up to-date and fresh.

Ambition >>>
My ambition would be to build this site into a fortress of information & stats on Scottish National and International football.I realise that it will take time which is not a problem as i’m in here for the long haul.Please e-mail with any and all suggestions for new content.I do read every letter that is sent by sane fans and if i can make your idea work on the site then i’ll add it.Simple as that.

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